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Need a LegUP in Promoting and Protecting your online reputation?

LegUP's multifaceted approach to Online Reputation Management gives you the tools to develop a strong online presence and combat whatever may be thrown at you and your business

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ORM agency - Founded & Funded in Britain -
We are a London-based Online Reputation Management (ORM) agency with the expertise to better your personal and business outcomes

Your reputation is an extension of your identity, showcase who you are and what your company stands for with our tailored ORM services. Our expertise range from SERP management to business profile development and provide you with the tools to build and sustain a robust reputation

  • 10+ years combined
    experience in the ORM industry
  • 5+ proprietary industry tools
    developed by the LegUP team
LegUP's services are applicable to a variety of clientele
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • City professionals
  • Positive SERP promotion
  • Development of professional profiles
  • Exposure across a variety of media
  • Elimination of slanderous content
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  • Fintech
  • Marketplaces
  • Payment solutions
  • Create a compelling story
  • Ehance your reputation with SMM
  • Boost site traffic and published content
  • Increase media buying
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  • Local businesses
  • Edtechs
  • Manufacturers
  • Create robust and effective business profiles
  • Online public opinion management
  • Negative press repositioning
  • Search engine results and brand alignment
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  • Banks
  • Energy companies
  • Retailers
  • Effective online image development
  • Defamatory content elimination
  • SEO to increase brand visibility
  • SERP management of online content
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Our Services

SERP Management

Suppressing defamatory content and promoting favourable information to ensure that the top 20 search engine suggestions are representative of you and your brand
LegUP services
  • Analysis and SERM strategy.
  • Optimisation of existing content (social media accounts and business profiles).
  • Optimisation of Google features (autosuggestions, videos, images).
  • High quality SEO – friendly content creation and publication.
  • Positive and reputable links promotion.
  • Negative links suppression.
  • Negative links deletion (defamatory information, reviews, videos).
  • Constant monitoring and tracking.

Handling Public Opinion

We ensure your consumers associate positively with the brand by implementing a customised review management strategy
LegUP services
  • Analysis and online review management strategy.
  • Profile creation and optimisation.
  • Genuine review generation and promotion.
  • Boost star ratings from authentic customers.
  • Defining your public voice: scripting official responses.
  • Review response strategy development and implementation.
  • Negative reviews deletion.
  • Constant customer interaction monitoring and tracking.
  • Reviews and feedback platforms.
  • Comment threads – from clients, customers, colleagues, competitors etc.
  • News articles – traditional media, online or broadcast.
  • Online forums – discussion boards, Q&As, chat rooms, etc.
  • Blogs – personal, professional, corporate, etc.
  • Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Content Development and Distribution

We create and share articles and stories across relevant media channels that most appeal to your target audience
LegUP services
  • Editorial strategy construction.
  • Story and message development.
  • SEO friendly and customer-centred content creation.
  • Promotional press writing – business writing, interviews, expert opinion pieces.
  • Native speaking writers for localised promotional content creation.
Media channels
  • Global publications.
  • Professional articles published across prestigious media.
  • Influential content written by experts, published in niche media outlets.
  • Business and individual profile creation and promotion.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Companies’ online assets – own website and news platforms.
  • Personal and corporate blogging.
  • Guest posting and product reviews for brands promotion.

Online Reputation Management

Our thorough approach to ORM consists of search engine results page management (SERP), brand ranking improvement, content creation and publishing in relevant media to raise brand awareness and stimulate consumer base growth
LegUP services
  • Analysis and ORM strategy development.
  • SERP management.
  • Brand ranking improvement.
  • Genuine review generation and promotion.
  • Creation and publication of high quality SEO – friendly content.
  • Slanderous content elimination.
  • Search engine results management.
  • Constant monitoring and tracking.
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How are you perceived online?

We conduct an in-depth analysis across a range of media platforms, articles and forums to best recommend how to enhance your reputation and pre-empt potential threats to your image

Reputation matters!
of a company's market value is attributed to its overall reputation, according to global executives
of consumers conduct online research before deciding whether to purchase from a company
of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
of people don't look past the first page of the search engine results
of businesses rely on organic search results as their most effective awareness channel
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Whether the size of your enterprise is big or small, let us give you the LegUp you need to reach your company's potential. Our services are proven to increase brand visibility and boost revenue by suppressing slanderous speculation and showcasing the best your business has to offer
Why use LegUP?
  • ORM Experts

    We are a team of Online Reputation Management specialists, with the tools to handle your ORM needs and enhance any marketing team to better your business outcomes
  • Bespoke Service

    Our premium service is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and provide optimum and effective results
  • Global Reach

    Language and cultural barriers are no obstacle for us as we have cultivated relationships with over 1000 publishing houses across the globe
  • NDA

    Our core values are honesty, integrity and transparency, therefore we are bound to confidentiality to keep our client's best interests at the forefront of our operations
  • Experience

    With over 10 years industry experience, we are equipped to provide our clients with a premium service that is tailored to meet the unique and precise needs of their business
  • Prices

    Our fees are moderate considering the high quality of services provided
  • Fast Results

    Our strategies are not only effective but efficient. Quantifiable results can be seen within a matter of weeks
  • Customer Growth

    Our methods are designed to thoroughly assess our client’s position, so we can provide a service that optimises their online assets to boost brand recognition and customer interaction, growing your consumer base
A reputation can take years to build, but mere seconds to destroy.
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